New Custom Dynamo Node Package: BIM Regime

Now you can find our custom package BIM Regime for Dynamo on Dynamo Packages or simpy download the package by searching it in your Dynamo session.

Some of the nodes from the packages are shown below with examples.

Get Family Name

This node will give us the name of the family (NOT family type name) of a particular family instance in the Revit project. It does not matter whether it’s a system family or a loadable family.

Get Family Name

Remove Blank Values

It simply removes blank values from the input list giving you a clean list.

Remove Blank Values

Stop Run

This node gives a null output when a certain boolean condition is false stopping the futher run of the script in order to keep a check on wrong input values. When the boolean is set to true it will pass the input as it is.

Stop Run

Revit Worksets in Navisworks and Filtering Elements

Ever wondered how to filter out elements in Autodesk Navisworks Manage by their Revit worksets?

Worksets in Navisworks can give you greater control over your model data. You can perform various filtering, formatting on the worksets. It is also easier to extract parametric data out of Navisworks when you have clearly defined worksets.

Worksets in Revit
Worksets in Revit


  1. Export the 3D model in NWC format. Remember to keep the “Close NWC/NWD files on load” checkbox ticked while saving as *.nwc. Without this checked, the file lock is on and you cannot overwrite the file unless you close the current Navisworks file where it is appended to.
Exporting as NWC
Exporting as *.nwc

2. Append the file in Navisworks Manage. Select any element and right-click and make sure that the Set Selection Resolution is kept as the First Object. It will make the object path start at the highest level of objects below the layer node, if applicable.

Set Selection Resolution setting
Set Selection Resolution setting

3. You can see all the property data of the selected Revit element from the Properties panel in the Home ribbon. This is for our viewing purpose.

Properties in Navisworks
Properties in Navisworks

4. Now open Selection Tree panel (Ctrl+F12), and select Properties from the drop down menu.

As worksets are a property of the elements, go to Element > Workset.
Here you can find all the worksets (only those that contain elements) from your Revit project.

Worksets selection
Workset Selection


5. You can right-click and tick Hide Unselected to isolate the elements of the specific workset.

Click on Selection Inspector and it will show all the elements of that particular workset. Click Save Selection for all the entities in Workset.

Save worksets as set
Save Selection for Workset

Now you can find all the worksets under the Sets in the Selection Tree. All the filtering and sorting could be performed on these worksets.

Workset Selection Sets
Workset Section Sets

Tip: To sort or filter elements of different categories based on their parametric values Find Items is a pretty handy feature.

Go to View > Windows > Find Items

Find Items
Find Items for filtering

You can search in the already defined worksets or other selection sets to narrow down the filtering.

Airfoil in Dynamo

This is a fun little routine to draw airfoil in Dynamo and then import the curve back to Revit. In this routine we will see:

    • How to read coordinates data from Excel in Dynamo?
    • Draw a PolyCurve from points
    • Make basic geometry transformations such as Revolve, and Solid Union in Dynamo
    • Send the curve back to Revit as a Model curve
    • Send the shape back to Revit as a Revit Family (*.rfa) or DirectShape

You might have seen airfoil designing and analysis in software like Ansys or perhaps seen one of the free specialized programs from NASA. Now we are not going to design one today, but I am going to get some coordinates from one instance of the airfoil series from Airfoil Tools. Head over to the website and have a little bit of fun experiment yourself.

Sample Airfoil Coordinates

Now simply feed this data Excel data into Dynamo. All the nodes are OOTB (Out-of-the-box) in Dynamo for Revit except the Material one which is from Orchid.

Airfoil Dynamo Graph
Curve by coordinates in Dynamo [Open image in new tab to magnify]

As we get the PolyCurve in Dynamo, we can send it as a Model curve to Revit or do a little modification to give it an Aerostat shape by revolving it 360-degree around its longitudinal axis and then send all the outputs to Revit and compare them. 

Aerostat shape in Revit

3D printable files in Dynamo

STL and OBJ files have become a standard in the 3D printing industry. Many 3D modeling and computer graphics programs such as Autodesk Maya, Blender, Sketchup, Cinema 4D can produce these models in a pretty nifty manner.

For color 3D printing with precise mesh encoding, OBJ files prove to be a useful format while preserving the precise mesh encoding. You may get yourself a free 3D model from Oyonale.

You can see the 3D model in any free 3D object viewer. The 3D Viewer from Microsoft is a great application that comes with Windows 10.

Model in 3D Viewer


Toyplane Dynamo Graph
Dynamo graph for importing OBJ file

Required Custom Packages:

  • Spring Nodes
  • Orchid
OBJ Model in Revit as DirectShape